Channels & Network (Including Books)

Distribution is a volume driven business. In order to build a sustainable business model for the future, Carkit as successfully build strong partnerships in Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei with over 1,000 outlets under the belt.

Petrol Kiosks

With over 30 years of being in business, we have established very good relationship with all the major petrol kiosks in Singapore

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are growing market, and Carkit uses these outlets in efforts to gain maximum exposure for publishers.


Supermarkets have almost everything, we are the reason why they did not leave out magazines and books.

Book Stores

Traditional bookstores are also one of Carkit's sources of distribution

Independent Stores

Beyond Traditional bookstores, Carkit stretches our distribution into heartlands with the local independent stores

Books & Such

To compliment our magazines at channels & network, CARKIT has grown in our range of books.Bringing in regular shipments from UK, US and Australia...